1 April 2021

March 2021 Reading List

One to read: It has to be In Control by Jane Monckton-Smith - terrifying but helpful in equal measure.

  • The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien
  • Elegy for Mary Turner by Rachel Marie-Crane Williams
  • A World Without Email by Cal Newport
  • Brutally Honest Guide to Microstock Photography by Alexandre Rotenberg
  • The Rookie by Stephen Moss
  • A Promised Land by Barack Obama
  • In Control: Dangerous Relationships and How They End in Murder by Jane Monckton-Smith
  • A Short History of Drunkenness by Mark Forsyth
  • How to Write Funny by Scott Dikkers

Monthly Reading List

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February 2021 Reading List One to read: Not an easy choice this month with 5-6 contenders. Jews Don’t Count is short, accessible, and I came away with a much improved
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Failures of State by Jonathan Calvert and George Arbuthnott I finished this book a couple of weeks ago but it is one that has stayed with me. You know how it is — your mind keeps drifting back to a book, it