I’m a doctor, based in the NW of England, and I am an academic GP, a journal editor, and a clinician with a specialist interest in substance misuse settings.

I write a weekly newsletter on drugs and drug policy.

If you want to get in touch then email will work: . Or if you want to get my attention I am on Twitter @euan_lawson though check out my microblogging page where I am more comfortable.1

The links at the top of the page will take you where you need to go and point you in the right direction. You will find scribblings on various topics including medicine, primary care, colour blindness, medical journals and writing, the books I read, and politics amongst other things.

  1. Micro.blog is a kinder, gentler form of microblogging than the Twitter nest of rats. I recommend checking out micro.blog and when you get used to the fact you are not chasing favourites or followers it all gets a lot more pleasant. Let me know if you join and I’ll be happy to follow you there and have a conversation without all the background hubbub.↩︎