I’m involved with a couple of podcasts.

BJGP Interviews

The BJGP has the BJGP Interviews podcast which I host. I interview the guests then do the various editing and technical bits and pieces.

Visit this link to subscribe from whatever device you are on. Visit BJGP Life to see some of the podcasts with their shownotes.

Here is the Apple player with the most recent episodes:


The other podcast is a personal project but I haven’t posted a new episode since the autumn of 2019. I had been planning to pick it up again in Spring 2020 but it won’t have escaped your attention that life got shaken around for everyone at that point.

Blokeology website: www.blokelogy.io

My aim with Blokeology is to explore the evidence in all sorts of areas that could help improve our heath, fitness, and life in general. I’m shooting at a warm healthy skepticism that helps to pierce through hokum and flannel but does it in a way that is respectful and inclusive. Blokeology is my effort, in my own little corner of the internet, to live a decent, healthy life but to bring in some evidence to inform that. I’m a doctor so that involves stuff like physiology and psychology. And all the ologies’ of medicine. Cardiology, neurology and neuropsychology. Gastroenterology. It also includes disciplines like epidemiology, sociology, behavioural economics, and gender studies. The list is huge.

Many incredibly knowledgeable and engaging guests gave up their time to talk about subjects for which they have a lot of passion and I am incredibly grateful.

Here is the Apple player here with the episodes: