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Substack Notes 11 April 2023
Watching football when colour blind 9 April 2023
Smart notes vs second brain 5 April 2023
My second read of A Little History of Philosophy (well, listen, as it is an audiobook) by Nigel Warburton and it was a fine companion for a long drive to the south of England. 4 April 2023
Unnatural causes, natural reactions 17 March 2023
I’ve moved almost all of my microblogging to Mastodon so follow and connect there. 28 November 2022
I’m now on Mastodon. 17 November 2022
George Town, Malaysia. 15 August 2022
I love a good book list. 15 August 2022
Finished the Editor’s Briefing for the August issue of the BJGP that goes to print this week. 15 July 2022
My Fourth Time, We Drowned by Sally Hayden has won the Orwell Political Writing Book Prize. 14 July 2022
This storefront in Kendal is being stripped back revealing adverts for mintcake and chocolate. 13 July 2022
The dogs enjoying a cooling drink and a dip in Crosdale Beck this weekend. 11 July 2022
From the Guardian’s Andrew Sparrow today: 11 July 2022
Some thoughts on Billy Connolly’s book Windswept and Interesting: https://euanlawson. 8 July 2022
Temperature inversions - they just never get old do they? 8 July 2022
It might be in the very recent past but the history of the internet is fascinating reading in Ben Tarnoff’s book Internet for the People. 1 July 2022
OK, just updated my DOI page ahead of speaking at the RCGP/WONCA conference: euanlawson. 28 June 2022
A few days ago I finished Do Not Disturb by Michela Wrong. 28 June 2022
Quite the most remarkable, revealing book I have read in a long time. 17 June 2022
Tremendous news that the EFL taking some simple actions to help people who are colourblind. 10 June 2022
Great article in the FT and rather wonderful quote from Peter Hennessy on asked what he thought of Starmer’s promise to resign if get a fine for breaching lockdown rules: “I think it’s exactly right. 23 May 2022
Powerful emotional article in the FT about the death of a young man with epilepsy written by his sister. 29 April 2022
The song, This Is the Day, by THE THE, is still a regular for me and it sits on my running Spotify playlists. 25 April 2022
If you are wondering what the hell a dead cat is, in political parlance, then read this excellent article by Sam Freedman on the Substack, Comment is Freed. 25 April 2022
There is an excellent short article in the FT today by Hannah White covering some of the detail around the consequences of Johnson’s lies and the importance of the ministerial code. 22 April 2022
A charming article on how an elderly Spanish gent is selling his books rather than have them all dumped in a flea market when he dies and sold for a euro each. 22 April 2022
Want to read more online essays and long reads but constantly distracted? 22 April 2022
I’ve got the reading list up for February and March. 21 April 2022
Many of the reality programmes on TV now love to do that thing where they cut to the participant speaking to the camera as they describe the various tortures. 19 April 2022
2022-04-14-20-04-33 14 April 2022
Lakes in a Day. 11 April 2022
I’ve gone back to reading - quite a lot. 11 April 2022
If you haven’t already then make some time for the excellent Very Bad People by Patrick Alley. 11 April 2022