1 November 2021

October 2021 Reading List

Some excellent reading here and the pick of the month’ would be One Track Mind. It isn’t the most promising of premises — a book about a man running around a single strip of athletic track for 24 hours. It turns out to be inspiring and uplifting. I have to give an honourable mention to How to Be a Liberal that taught me a lot and far exceeded my initial impressions of what it would be about.

I will comment on the two pandemic books as well. Spike reads like a self-serving dress rehearsal for the public inquiry which will, eventually, come around and Blinded by Corona has some excellent moments. It is also dismally edited and awash with typos; it feels rushed and veers close to egotistical rantiness. Ashton is not a man who hides his light under a bushel and his book amply demonstrates the real benefit of basic standards of editing.

  • Hooked by Paul Merson
  • Time: 10 Things You Should Know by Colin Stuart
  • How to Be a Liberal by Ian Dunt
  • Spike by Jeremy Farrar with Anjana Ahuja
  • Blinded by Corona by John Ashton
  • The Juggling Author by Jim Heskett
  • Empireland by Sathnam Sanghera
  • One Track Mind: What Running 150 Miles in a Day Can Teach by Michael Stocks
  • The Running Book by John Connell

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