5 October 2022

September 2022 reading list and notes

Recommended: an eye-opening vision of the future of humanity

September 22

  • Nomad Century by Gaia Vince
  • What We Owe The Future by William Macaskill
  • Don’t Put Yourself on Toast by Freddy Taylor
  • Comedy, Comedy, Comedy, Drama by Bob Odenkirk
  • Mud, Rock, Blazes by Heather Anderson
  • The Art of Rest by Claudia Hammond
  • High Risk by Brian Hall

Nomad Century is the book that I keep recommending to people. On that basis alone it has to be flagged here. It might not be racist to be against immigration but it is certainly economically illiterate. She sets out that case convincingly. The book goes much further though and the vision Vince offers here is of a very different world, one where humanity finds itself pushed up into the higher latitudes by global warming. It is remarkable, almost fantastical, but it could very well be the best future on offer.

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